All Commands

User Commands

/help - Replies with all commands and what they do.

/credits - Shows everyone who worked on Barbara and the APIs and resources we use!

/vote - Vote for Barbara on!

/invite - Gives you a link to invite Barbara to your Discord!.

/pickup - Tells you a >magnificent pickup line from a handpicked list of over 500. Some of them you can respond to as well!

/breakup – Responds with a random breakup line from an amazing list of over 150.

/secret - I'll tell you a secret, straight from the JCWYT devs!

/prompt <prompt> <length of answer< <temperature< - Continues your prompt and writes a paragraph. Length of answer lets you adjust the output length and temperature affects the AI's creativity. To learn more about how to get the AI to say what you want, click here.
Content Warning: The AI used is trained on the public internet, and is known for generating lewd, offensive, and other socially unacceptable content. Use at your own risk!

/link – Displays a server-customizable message.

/say <message> - Sends a message as Barbara. If you're not an admin, it mentions who the message is by.

/age <@user> [precision: precise/imprecise] - Return the age of the a user, either broadly (like how many months), or exactly down to a tenth of a second.

/fact - Returns a random fact. This command uses an API, see below for credit links.

/truth - Gives you a great Truth to ask in Truth or Dare. There's no /dare so stop asking (it might be coming soon though).

/reaction add <emoji> - Reacts to the previous message with the emoji of your choice.

Admin Commands

The following commands only work for server administrators and people they allow.

General Admin Commands

/reaction clear - Removes all reactions from the previous message.

Admin Role Commands

/admin list all - Lists both admin roles and users.

/admin list roles - Lists roles that can use admin commands.

/admin list users - Lists users that can use admin commands.

/admin add role <@role> - Adds role to admin command whitelist.

/admin add user <@user> - Adds user to admin command whitelist.

/admin remove role <@role> - Removes role from admin command whitelist.

/admin remove user <@user` - Removes user from admin command whitelist.

Server Customization

/meesedetect <true/false> - Enables or disables Meese detection.

/log <#channel> - Logs meese detection deletions, message reacts, and other features that can be run anonymously to the channel of your choice.

/link <link> - Customizes the link in /link. Add as many as you want.

/vc ban [#vc] - Bans bots from the VC specified or from the VC you are currently in.

/vc unban [#vc] - Unans bots from the VC specified or from the VC you are currently in.

Advanced Server Customization

If you would like to edit other config, use these commands.

/config read [option> - Read the value of a config option, or all of config.

/config set <option> <value> - Set the value of a config option.

/config reset <option> - Reset a config option to the default value.

/config append <option> - Add an item to a config list.

/config remove <option> - Remove an item from a config list.


Here's everyone who worked on the bot, and all of the APIs we currently use.

• JCWYT Team (Jonah and Callum)
• Josh

Lots of help from:
• Emily
• Nolan
• Ryan
• Phil
• Caroline

APIs Used:
• The AI we use for /prompt is the Huggingface Accelerated Inference API.
• For our dad jokes, we use the i can haz dad joke API.
• For our facts, we use the Random Useless Facts API.